"I got the job! A BIG THANK YOU once again for your support! Because of the Work in Wellness course, I got there and cannot be happier to go back to work in my dream industry!" –– Servane

"Only a few modules in, I remember breathing a sigh of relief. The course made me feel I wasn't alien in what I wanted or expected from a career in wellness" –– Brooke

Brooke's Story: "Only a few modules in, I remember breathing a sigh of relief. The course made me feel I wasn’t alien in what I wanted or expected from a career and of working in wellness.

Instead of presenting cookie-cutter career paths, the course gave me the language to identify different
job types and opened my mind as to what working in wellness could look like for me.

The course guided me to consider my search for career clarity in a much more structured way. Something I admit, I resisted at first but when I committed fully to each stage of the process clarity started to seep through.

Recently I had an hour-long zoom call with a high profile blogger from New Zealand. It was beyond
helpful, and she’s even offered to have another call a month down the track and personally do a
review of my wellness blog to give me feedback. This was a huge personal win for me, and I have the
course to thank as it prompted me to research and ‘people profile’ those with careers similar to those
I’m interested in.

Today, I’m taking actionable steps in my journey towards a career in wellbeing. I have the resources,
tools and even the support of Welltodo with me and for that, I’m both grateful and excited!

– Brooke, Work in Wellness Alumni 2019

"If you are still contemplating joining this course, I’d say – just do it! It’ll give you the knowledge, confidence and amazing networking opportunities." –– Egle

Egle's Story: "I decided to join the Work in Wellness course after taking a career break to travel through Asia. Upon my return to London and after 7 months on the road and exploring various opportunities, I felt more and more drawn to the wellness industry. However, even though I’ve worked for many years in HR & recruitment, identifying my ideal future path wasn’t very straightforward. 

This course gave me an opportunity to stop and reflect, identify my 'Why', what makes me tick and what that future career or job might look like for me. I was also provided with plenty of approaches and tools in how to identify my greatest strengths, figure out what skills I can already utilise and what the areas of improvement are. Plenty of additional reading materials, networking opportunities and guidance was offered. A few times Lauren even got in touch with me with job opportunities and suggested companies that might work for me.

I guess, one of my greatest takeaways from this course was understanding that working in wellness doesn’t necessarily have to be going the usual fitness route or becoming a Nutritionist. Opportunities and possibilities are endless and this course is a concise reminder/introduction into those routes.

If you are still contemplating joining this course, I’d say – just do it! It’ll give you the knowledge, confidence and amazing networking opportunities. It’s definitely a step in the right direction if getting into the wellness industry is your desire. Good luck on your adventure!"

– Egle, Work in Wellness Alumni 2019

Meet Robyn

Robyn shares her experience of the course and how she landed her dream job at one of the Europe's largest yoga brands, Hotpod Yoga. (2.25min)

Meet Eilidh

Eilidh completed the course and transformed her career. A real go-getter, Eilidh now works for Peloton, one of the fastest-growing tech-fit startups in the world! (2.34min)

"Work in Wellness is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I have now found my dream job." –– Pippa

Pippa's Story: "I remember clearly the day I signed up to the course. Sitting on the roof terrace of my office, with a desire completely taking over my being to follow my own motto of "do what you love" and my passion for wellness. I had no idea how I was going to do this.

I was afraid because I had no qualifications – only the passion for health and fitness and my personal experience in my journey of self-discovery. I had a safe and secure job, working with a great team of people which was a risk to leave behind, but I couldn't ignore this feeling – everything was telling me it was time to move on and do this. 

So I took the leap, investing a chunk of my savings which I wouldn't normally spend, especially on something intangible, and joined the Welltodo career guidance course - Work in Wellness. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As someone with dyslexia, I was a bit concerned about how I would get on with the course content being online learning, I learn best by 'doing' rather than reading. But it wasn't an issue at all and I have loved how interactive the course content has been – the variety of resources, books, audio, video links and workbooks. I have worked through at a slower pace in my own time, and enjoyed letting the inspiration flow.

A position became available in my company working within our HR team, which had the potential I thought to include a new Wellness aspect, something which was not currently being done in our company, so I went for it. Working through the first section of the course to understand ourselves, what we value and my 'Why', really helped to give me a clear understanding of what I wanted from my next role, and the confidence to ask for it. Having struggled with social anxiety, it has felt amazing to relax and feel at ease talking about what I am so passionate about". 

- Pippa, Work in Wellness Alumni

Meet Jenn

By completing the course, Jenn realised that she wasn't just passionate about working for a wellness company, but she wanted to set one up herself! Find out how she turned her dreams into a reality! (2.24min)

Meet Melanie

Hear what Melanie thought of the Work in Wellness course and how it transformed her career, and social life! (4.30min)

"I was so stuck. Now I am on the right path which is full of opportunity!" –– Fiona

Fiona's Story: "I was stuck in the same monotonous circle, working too hard and too scared of making the wrong decision that I just kept going round and round. I was trying to keep everything in check, do the best that I could and make everyone proud (you know who I mean – the parents, the boss, the boyfriend!).

I felt like I was being pulled every which way, but in between getting up religiously at 6am to get to the gym, a 2 and a half hour round commute, an ever demanding job and trying to maintain a social life... I never felt satisfied. I just kept wondering what I was doing it all for. It felt meaningless and empty. I was so jealous of those people who either LOVED their job or were doing something for the better.

After quite a tough stage in my personal life, I knew I needed to make a change but it took me quite some time to go and do it. I wanted to make a shift into the wellness industry to support others lead a healthier lifestyle, however with no experience or qualifications to support such a move I had no idea where to start. I began searching for a change, but would aimlessly Google random words in the hope that it would change my life (FYI Google doesn’t work like that!). It was only when I bumped in Welltodo at Balance Festival that things really starting to change. The Work in Wellness course seemed too good to be true. It did not take me long to decide that I was committing to the course, and for me, this was the catalyst for change and the key moment my mindset transformed; I was 100% committing myself to this course and this transition.

There is so much content that you can explore. All of the content, podcasts, videos and articles that Welltodo suggest are so unbelievably helpful, not just for your transition to wellness but generally in your strategical approach to pretty much anything. For me what they suggested was just the start, as naturally, it leads you onto other material and before you know it a whole world of content is opened up to you that you have no idea about before.

The team were always on hand to support with any queries or questions you have so despite it being an online course it really feels like a community."

The course has been amazingly insightful and really allowed me to clearly understand and focus my thoughts and intentions. I have now just finished and whilst I have yet to fully commit to a new job, I am clearly on the right path, optimising every opportunity, be that shadowing, networking and volunteering so that I can find the next role which is right for me. It is such an exciting period, and yes whilst at times it is scary to make such a big change, you have to remember why you are doing this in the first place and trust in the process.

– Fiona, Work in Wellness Alumni


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